When was the last time you treated yourself to a soak in the tub?

Imagine for a moment: your skin is soft, smooth, and supple with a radiant, healthy glow. Your body is loose and relaxed, your mind is free of worries and frustrations. Your days are filled with boundless energy, your nights with deep, uninterrupted sleep. You feel younger, healthier, happier.

For centuries, people around the world have enjoyed the rewards of a long relaxing soak in the tub. But as the pace of our lives grows faster, we tend to spend too little time pampering ourselves & too much time stressing. Now, we need the benefits of bathing more than ever - to cleanse our bodies, our minds, our spirits. Welcome to the new age of bathing. So tell everyone you’re busy tonight. Close the door. Fill your tub, step inside, & surround yourself with one of our nutrient-rich bath salts. Feel your skin awaken & rejoice as minerals from the sea work their magic, making you softer, smoother, & healthier from the inside out. This is your time – the rest of the world can wait.

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